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OCT 2018

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34 LCDBM Why was the QUICK-E-Hybrid Edging System invented with so many current choices on the market? To provide 1 solution for 2 problems. The QUICK-E-Hybrid Edging System was invented to reduce or eliminate edging uplift and to provide a solution for open grade bases to retain edges. Standard paver edging encourages the spike to be installed vertically versus the QUICK-E-Hybrid Edging, which encourages the spikes to be installed at 60° opposing angles. Having the spike on a 60° angle minimizes and can even eliminate uplift overtime. What do you mean by open grade base and how are contractors retaining the edges currently? The industry is changing using a ¾" clean stone base instead of ASTM D2940 dense hard packed gravel to achieve a more permeable application. Open grade base or hybrid base, as I call it, allows water to pass through, which eliminates frost upheaval. It also requires minimal compaction, minimizes or eliminates efflorescence, and decreases product waste. Currently, contractors are using concrete with mesh reinforcement, heavy curbing set in concrete or standard edging with geo grid. None of which are quick, easy or efficient solutions. Why are contractors unhappy about the current edge solutions? Open grade base solutions are time consuming, expensive and requiring new installation processes that can lead to frustration and extra materials on site. There is no simple edging solution to retain edges on an open grade base. Also, many times on a dense grade base, the edging is known to uplift overtime, creating expensive call backs and disappointed customers. Is the install procedure different than the current edge restraints? Contractors will install the product the exact same way the industry has been doing it for years. The only difference is for an open grade base, the QUICK-E-Hybrid Stake is used, and for a dense grade base, the spike is put in on a slight angle. There is no challenging learning curve. This is where the QUICK-E-Hybrid Edging System really shines. What kind of savings can I expect if I use the QUICK-E-Hybrid Edging System? The QUICK-E-Hybrid Edging System is cost effective. Contractors will save money and, most importantly, will save a tremendous amount of time. Currently when contractors are installing an open grade base, they are mixing concrete, adding a form of reinforcement (mesh, steel, geo grid) and hand troweling along the edges to prevent lateral movement. Other contractors are integrating geo grid which must be calculated ahead of time and laid out under the setting bed, extending beyond the paver edge then wrapped around standard edging. Others are using curbing (granite, concrete, etc.) or retaining wall block. When using the QUICK-E-Hybrid Edging with dense grade base, the spikes at 60° opposing angles will prevent expensive call backs due to edging uplift. Our patent pending QUICK- E-Hybrid Edging System will continue to help take the "hard" out of hardscaping. a conversation with PAVE TOOL INNOVATORS Featuring Phil Bahler, Inventor and Owner of Pave Tool Innovators Q&A WITH THE EXPERTS

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