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32 LC DBM Controls at Your Fingertips Riding mowers are beginning to incor- porate onboard computer interfaces that provide landscape companies a number of benefits. For example, Exmark's RED Technology offers enhanced monitoring of vital mow - er functions and reporting of operating and property statistics, maintenance re - minders and troubleshooting information. It is linked to the mower model and se - rial number, allowing accurate tracking of service and usage data. RED Technol - ogy eases fleet management by tracking machine health and delivering on-screen notifications when engine or transmission oil changes are due. When the system de - tects an error, the error/troubleshooting code is displayed as text on the screen. Service history and error codes are also logged for reference later. Operating statistics include total gal - lons of fuel used; average gallons of fuel used per hour; and both resettable and non-resettable engine and PTO hour me - ters. And there are property statistics/ trip meters for up to 5 properties that also track engine hours, PTO hours and gal - lons of fuel used. The technology also works with the electronic fuel injection and e-governor to quickly adapt to changing mowing condi - tions by increasing engine responsiveness and reduce governor droop, keeping en - gine RPM more consistent. Chris Vostman, the marketing manager at Toro, reports that the Horizon Technol - ogy found on some of their models is very similar in its functionality including track - ing PTO hours separate from engine hours. "A lot of guys like to service spindles and blades based on cutting hours and this allows for that," he says. "And a crew lead can see how many hours the guy was cutting versus not cutting so there is a lit - tle bit of accountability built into it. The technology also has three engine operating modes to deliver the power Left With Horizon Technology, engine and PTO hours can be tracked for up to five properties a day. This information can then be entered into a spreadsheet or tracking software to help determine if a given property was bid properly. And with PIN code se- curity built in, fleet managers can keep tighter control on that information as well as maintenance information. Below The Smart Controller offered on select Lazer Z S-Series commercial zero-turn riding mower models is an operator interface that shows interlock status, PTO and total hours, fuel level, maintenance reminders and machine health status. On-screen alerts include fuel level, engine temperature, oil pressure, charging system status and PTO clutch overcurrent/reset. Also included is a Limp Mode feature, which disables the cutting system in the event of a critical system error, to prevent permanent damage to the machine.

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