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Bowie Industries, Inc. 18 LC DBM Product Preview Erosion control products have controlled damaging dusts on highway construction projects, controlled soil on difficult slopes, established vegetation on beautifica - tion projects…and much more. Mat, Inc. started when a native son of Floodwood, Minn., Joseph Karpik, began manufacturing a grass impregnated wood fiber mat for use on golf courses and other difficult terrains. Today Mat, Inc. sells high-tech fiber mats and hydraulic wood mulches used to prevent erosion and promote regrowth on construc - tion sites, highway projects and golf courses…all from its home in Northeastern Minnesota. Mat, Inc. 12402 Hwy 2 Floodwood, Minnesota 55736 1-888-477-3028 Mat, Inc. Information Request # 1024 Quality Erosion Control Products LC/DBM PRODUCT PREVIEW Bowie Industries is re-introducting the 800 Victor Classic. Thousands of the 800 Victor Classic Hydro-Mulchers with an air cooled gasoline P-engine were produced in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. Many of these are still hard at work 20 to 40 years later. The 800 Victor Classic features a Kohler 37hp gasoline air cooled engine and a 2" Bowie Gear Pump. The low maintenance, 958-gallon model of - fers a tower-mounted spray nozzle or hose discharge. Bowie Industries, Inc. has been manufacturing Landscape and Erosion Control Equipment that is 'Built Strong... Built to Last' for over 50 years. There are currently thousands of Bowie Hydro- Mulchers out there hard at work, in nearly every corner of the globe. Bowie Industries 1-800-433-0934 Information Request # 1025 Bowie Hydro-Mulcher Victor 800 Classic Eco-Rain ET-1500 – 1505 Tanks are un- derground modular water transport products certified by the International Code Council to meet industry standards - designed to accept and hold rain and runoff water for substrate infiltration, detention for controlled release, or for water reuse. Tanks have a 97% void space. Certified for AASHTO H-25 loading in traffiic areas, the basins are used under parking lots and landscaped areas. 1.34' wide x 2.25' long in 10 different heights, they can fit in square, rectangular, or odd shapes. Eco-Rain ET-1301 - 1" Drainage Cells are hard polypropylene drainage mats designed for use underground to provide a 1" void space to transport and hold water, typically used in playing fields and retaining walls. Eco-Rain ET-1401 - 2" Drainage Cells are for surface use as gravel or turf pavers, as level solid support for concrete pavers, and as French drains for underground water transport. Eco-Rain Tank Systems of America, Inc. 818-501-0424 EcoRain™ Tank Systems of America, Inc. Information Request # 1026 The Original EcoRain™ Tank

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