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AUG 2018

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46 LC DBM I n f o r m a t i o n R e q u e s t # 4 4 0 I n f o r m a t i o n R e q u e s t # 4 6 7 The town of North Hempstead, N.Y., is consid- ering a ban on all gas-powered landscaping equip- ment, not just blowers, in the next 10 years. Citing the improvement of electric landscaping equipment, officials feel that these lawnmowers, blowers and trimmers will be just as efficient as their gas-powered counter - parts in five to 10 years. But officials did note concerns about not wanting to negatively affect the local landscaping industry. Noise Ordinances Continue Regulation Updates More than 100 residents reportedly attended a recent event to let their views be heard about a proposed leaf blower ban in the City of Beaconsfield, a suburb of Montreal, Quebec. The CBC News wrote that locals drowned out Mayor Georges Bourelle "with raucous yelling and jeers," stating that the ma - jority in attendance were against the ban. Opponents felt that the city did not properly consult the populace. Regardless, the council voted five to one to accept the new bylaw, which will take effect next year. Meanwhile, the Village of Thomaston in New York state's Nassau County held a community forum to look into the pos - sibility of appealing a two-decade old law that prohibits the use of gasoline- or diesel-powered blower equipment within 300 feet of residential properties between May 1 and Sept. 30. There will also be at least two public hearings to consider the move so that all sides have a chance to weigh in. I n f o r m a t i o n R e q u e s t # 4 7 0

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