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AUG 2018

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34 LC DBM them how spectacular the patio would look when we were fin - ished," said Mitchell. He relates that the de - sign software might have appeased some of the worry the client initially had regarding building an entirely new patio. Once the design was approved by the cli - ent, Mitchell, along with his four-man crew, used a 315F L excavator by Cat to demolish the existing patio and dig down 2'. Once ex - cavated, stabilization fabric, or filter fabric, was laid down and covered with one foot of processed gravel as a subbase. The gravel was then compacted with a Bomag 40/45 reverse-running plate compactor on a 6" lift to ensure stability. The process was repeated once more, with fabric being laid down and another foot of subbase being compacted on top. Instead of a third layer of fabric, one inch of sand was added to the top of this second layer of sub - base and then screeded with a rake. After the sand was nice and flat, the pavers were placed directly on top. For the last step, several passes of TechniSeal joint sand was swept in and compacted. Finishing Touches The fireplace, hearth and accompanying wood boxes are from the Bristol Series of prebuilt fireplaces and are constructed with Weston Stone retaining wall blocks and ac - cented by Arbel and Urbana pavers. The fireplace stands 9'3" tall and is accom - panied by two 3'3" wood boxes on either side. The hearth has a total height of 11" and is 5' wide. All three products were prebuilt, shipped to the project location and quickly installed with a forklift, after the patio was completed. Likewise, following the completion of the primary patio area, a 2' base of crushed stone was installed, in the same manner as the pa - tio, and used for the stairs. The risers were constructed of Belgard Celtik Blocks and were capped with rock-faced Bluestone slabs to tie the entire project together. LC DBM After Before Above The project was slightly difficult for Mitchell and his team because the area was difficult to work in, due to the proximity of the wa- ter's edge, and also because some of the project was done over a 4th of July weekend. Mitchell expressed that it was hard to move large equip- ment to and from the project because of the sheer amount of tourists and traffic during that time. Below The inlay pavers used are Mega Arbel in a Danville blend, which are bordered by 6"x 6" and 6"x 9" London Cobble pavers in charcoal grey. The inlay pavers come in that pattern and Mitchell simply cut the outer edges for the border. For the rest of the pavers found on the patio, Mega-Urbana in a Si- lex Blend coloration were used.

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