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JUL 2018

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>> Everywhere you turn, our industry is discussing the most critical issue we face, labor. This singular issue is one that is forc - ing everyone to rethink every aspect of how landscape projects are designed, sold, and in - stalled. While it is certainly a challenge, it is also an opportunity to step back and consider alternative, labor saving approaches. First, let's consider design. For centuries, the primary vehicle for delivering a design concept was through a hand sketch. While fairly effective, it pales in comparison to the tools at our fingertips today. Photorealistic renders, animations, and virtual reality expe - riences are transforming the sales and design process. Never before has it been so easy to convey what was being imagined to some - one else. Belgard recognized the power these tools hold, and decided several years ago to introduce Design Studio, a rendering services program, to our authorized contracting part - ners. Our partners using this service are not only realizing 85% closure rates, higher mar - gins, and happier clients, they are also closing these sales with an average of only 4 hours invested! Compared to the prior average of 20 hours or more, this is a significant savings in terms of efficiency. Second, let's consider the installation. It's no secret that labor will continue to be a chal - lenge for years to come. We simply do not have enough people joining the industry to meet the massive consumer demand for hard - scaping, and in particular, outdoor living spac- es. Our company has recognized this as well, and is actively working to recruit and train individuals looking to start a profitable career with hardscapes. In addition to that, we are also looking at every possible angle to reduce the learning curve to create complex outdoor spaces. While a comprehensive training pro - gram is a key part of that initiative, even more critical is the creation of products that reduce the amount of time for installation. Products such as our Elements Collections, Tandem Wall, and Agilina Paver have all been devel - oped to help reduce the time of installation. By coupling the use of a rendering services program with innovative, labor saving prod - ucts, contractors are able to install jobs within days versus weeks: becoming more profitable by being able to process more projects. As a bonus, their clients are also happier, because the process was easy to understand and the projects are being installed quickly. We have a long way to go to solving our la - bor issues, but by following some of these in- novation solutions in the interim, it's possible to grow your companies without necessarily adding more resources! LC DBM by Joe Raboine, Belgard 8 LC DBM Left Belgard is developing products such as the Elements Collections, Tandem Wall, and Agilina Paver, that reduce the learning curve of build - ing complex outdoor spaces and minimize the amount of time for installation, thereby requiring less working hours on a project. Right Comprehensive training programs and active recruit - ment of individuals interested in a profitable career in the hardscape industry are two more approaches suggested by the hardscape manufacturer. Addressing the Hardscape Industry's Labor Crisis Innovations, Labor Saving Techniques Can Help HARDSCAPES

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