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JUL 2018

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July 2018 25 Furniture When choosing furniture for a pools- cape, reducing maintenance and repair is crucial. Katz's philosophy when choos - ing deck furniture for a poolscape is that wood based products can be hard to maintain due to their proximity to water. He also mentions that different spaces of the pool atmosphere solicit different types of furniture. For instance, under a pavilion or pergola, larger, wicker-type furniture is permissible because it is more stationary and protected from the elements. Where - as, near the pool, the furniture should be more of a composite material and the incorporation of lounge chairs is desired because of direct sun exposure. Shade Structures Being out in the sun around a pool war- rants a shade structure. Pool umbrellas are an easy fix, yet are no match for pool houses, pavilions, pergolas or grottos. In - corporation of a shade structure can offer respite from the energy-draining charac - teristics of a typical pool setting thus im- proving safety. Additionally, shaded areas usually be - come communal spaces where people will lounge and spend time talking or relaxing. This attribute invites incorpora - tion of seating, tables, kitchen/cooking facilities and entertainment amenities such as televisions or speakers to en - hance the poolscape. In-Pool Water Features In-pool water features have expanded to include underwater patios, grottos, spas, waterproof furniture, multicolored lighting and more. Katz incorporated a shallow under - water patio in the pool allowing the cli- ents to cool off without fully submerging themselves. These subaquatic patios are typically installed between 3" and 7" be - low the water's surface. Katz relays this information about the thought behind a shallow submerged pa - tio: "The way people use water is very often just relaxing in it, floating in it, or sitting on the edge with their feet in it – but not fully submersed." Above This pool includes an automatic, safety pool cover with a vanishing edge design. Even if the pool cover is on, the waterfalls can still be viewed from the fireside deck. The wood deck is a composite deck and the pool trim and pool stairs are Bluestone slabs. Quarried granite from the Adirondack Mountain region of New York was picked for underneath the fountains. The pool deck is comprised of BLU 60 mm slabs in a smooth texture finish.

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