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Making Fleet Management Work For Your Business by Alli Rael, LC/DBM Above Fleet management is most often thought of as a way to track routes and drivers, but it can also be used for much more. Preventive maintenance, including checking tire tread and pressure weekly, is just the first step to caring for your fleet. Theoretically, preventive and routine maintenance should be enough to keep your vehicles up and running. But emergencies happen – maybe an object on the roadway caused an unexpected tire blowout. While it's impossible to know when an event like this will happen, having a fleet maintenance and management plan can make things easier when it does happen. F Fleet management solutions are useful tools for business owners to keep track of driving habits, routes, fuel use, vehicle and equipment maintenance schedules, and more. There are dozens if not hundreds of choices available for owners looking for fleet management packages. When it comes down to choosing a provider, there are three main factors to consider: bud - get, features, and interface. Budget Just as customers have a set budget for their projects, business owners should have a set budget for how much they're looking to spend on fleet management software. When looking at the price, find out if any necessary installation is includ - ed or if it is an extra cost. Some tech-sav- vy people may be able to figure it out, but for the most part, a trained expert should complete the installation process. Speaking of trained experts, does the company offer an initial training so that you and your drivers know how to use the technology. Be sure to find out if there's a fee for any additional training or technical support as well. There are costs after installation. Some companies charge per user or per vehicle, while others have a monthly fee, which may be reduced if you buy a year at a time. Some may offer the option to buy the device outright instead of leasing it from the company. 40 LC DBM Solutions for Vehicle Tracking and Maintenance

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