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SEP 2017

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Mower Attachments: INCREASING PROFITABILITY 36 LC DBM A A good ride-on mower is part of most maintenance landscapers' arse- nals. Upgrading this indispensible tool, with aftermarket or OEM attach- ments, is one way of increasing profitability without breaking the bank. Multifunctional tools save time and money. Companies like JRCO, have made a name for themselves designing attachments for a wide range of commercial ride-on mower makes and models. These machines include sprayers, blowers, leaf plows, spreaders, aerators and dethatchers. Ride-on mower attachments are designed to span all seasons and allow landscapers to perform effective outdoor work in virtually all conditions. These units are easier to maintain and cost significantly less than their stand-alone counterparts. There are many manufacturers and styles of at- tachments. LC/DBM had the opportunity to talk shop with Bill Radintz, one of JRCO's product specialists. Here is what we learned. Above This JRCO tine dethatcher uses the mower's propulsion to get the job done, eliminating the need for a seperate powered unit. And less equipment to add to the maintenance schedule saves time and money. "The idea is to use the engine you already have," says Bill Radintz, JRCO product spe- cialist. "These attachments offer landscapers one less piece of equipment to worry about maintaining." by Andrew Soto, LC/DBM

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