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SEP 2017

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20 LC DBM Product Preview LC/DBM PRODUCT PREVIEW The Bowie Victor 800 is suited for many seeding projects. The low mainte - nance, 958-gallon model offers a tower- mounted spray nozzle or hose discharge. It comes standard with a 3" Bowie gear pump. Bowie Industries, Inc. has been manufacturing Landscape and Erosion Control Equipment that is 'Built Strong... Built to Last' for over 50 years. There are currently thousands of Bowie Hydro- Mulchers out there hard at work, in nearly every corner of the globe. TrucBrush® is a newly patented attach - ment that clears accumulated snow from truck, trailer and bus rooftops. Designed for optimal clearing, the polypropylene- bristled attachment quickly connects to, and is powered by, a front-end loader. The mobile method allows contractors and fleet maintenance personnel to quickly, effectively and safely clear snow off multi- heighted vehicles prior to transit. Recognized by the national Snow & Ice Management Association with a 2016 Industry Commitment award for innova - tion and outstanding customer service, TrucBrush originated as a response to a request by a large Boston-based airfreight company to find a way to manage the larg - est snow-related problem in the transpor- tation industry. TrucBrush is available through its dealer network, including Caterpillar. TRI-C Organics products enhance soil and plant health, and contribute to the environment in a positive way. TRI-C Humate and Mycorrhizal products are naturally occurring fungi that provide essential elements and microbes necessary for robust soil and plant health. We also offer soil analysis service by professionals knowledgeable in soil and irrigation. Humate is a concentrated material that has been composting for millions of years. It is 100% organic, rich in minerals, hu - mic acids, beneficial bacteria, and carbon. It enhances the actions of other organic materials and fertilizers in the soil. TRI-C Humate is known for its performance in poor soils. Adding mycorrhizal inoculum increases root growth naturally, therefore nutrients and water remain available to the plant. Bowie Industries 1-800-433-0934 TrucBrush Corporation 1-877-783-0237 Bowie Industries, Inc. TrucBrush Corporation TRI-C Organics Information Request # 479 Information Request # 478 Information Request # 477 Bowie Hydro-Mulcher Victor 800 Grow your business with TrucBrush! REVIVE, SURVIVE, and THRIVE with TRI-C!! Tri-C Enterprises, LLC Chino, CA 1-800-927-3311

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