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Azpects The wetter the surface the better. EASY- Joint all weather paving joint compound is designed to be applied over wet sur - faces for natural flagstone, concrete and porcelain pavers. EASYJoint installs in less than half the time than polymeric sand and is at least twenty times quicker than conventional mortar jointing! One EASYJoint product fits all paving joints between 1/8" and 5"; this means less SKU's for dealers to inventory! EASYJoint high performance proprietary joint material provides added value to contractors because EASYJoint can be applied in the rain, or when rain is in the forecast, and in high humidity conditions. The Compound performs better than polymeric sand and "other" wide joint - ing compounds in dry or wet conditions. No more waiting for the right weather conditions to complete the job. Freezing temperatures…no problem. Is is formulated not to haze or stain concrete or natural stone paving. Packaging EASYJoint is presented in a vacuum packed bag inside our easy to open, ergo - nomically designed tub. Each tub weighs 28lbs and there are 80 tubs to a pallet. Closed tubs mean no waste from torn bags open to the elements. Permeable • Easy joint is also the most aesthetically pleasing and practical option for perme - able pavements. • No spill out of fill material • More weed, grass and insect resistance • Vacuum cleaning will not remove joint material • Easier to sweep and wash to keep the - joint surface clean • Easier to achieve ADA compliance Rain or shine, it goes in fine! 18 LC DBM Product Preview LC/DBM PRODUCT PREVIEW Azpects 800-395-9701 Lawn Debbi is a utility bin for han- dling lawn debris and is intended to be fastened on a truck or trailer and remain easily removable from them. It features a loader device for loading the bin and the bin is self-unloading. Lawn Debbi's bin is made from a mesh (tarp-like) fabric. By moving a frame member hydraulically under the mesh and effectively invert - ing the mesh, it empties it. The bin needs no bed hoist and empties from a significant height, which allows the load to clear the transport, even the sides of a pickup, when dumping. It's possible to dump cleanly hours to days later without significant sticking to the sides of the receptacle. The insert dumps and loads over the side of the vehicle to save time. It eliminates most awkward lifting that can result in lifting injuries. IBBZ inc. 406 Palmer, PO Box 38, Loomis, NE, 68958 308-999-2357 IBBZ inc. Information Request # 475 Load debris from mower to bin and empty with the touch of a button. Information Request # 474

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