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AUG 2017

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6 LC DBM I've been reading a lot lately about technology and how things will be changing in the near future. For instance, take the car. It won't be long before we are no longer drivers and become merely passengers in our own cars. Think about all the time-tracking software out there that monitors your crew's driving habits. In a few years they won't be in control of that. They'll have work sites pre- programmed into their GPS, the crew will hop in and the truck will drive them straight to the site, getting there safely and within the speed limit. There they will press the right buttons on a controller and the loader will drive itself off the trailer and begin grading the land per the set limitations of the plan, programmed days in advance. All of the waste produced will be loaded into a dump truck, which will be sent to the landfill, without any crew, unloaded automatically and then self- driven back to the worksite for round two. Once graded, the paver machine will grab pre-positioned pavers and drop them into place while automatically leveling the entire site. Those pavers would have been loaded at the brickyard and then driven and offloaded at the site without being touched by human hands. In fact, the whole order would have been placed and paid for online . . . People? . . . Who needs people? . . . Same for your lawnmower, which will run just like those new vacuums. You'll load it at your yard, send it off with the now appropriately named 'Auto' mobile, where it will GPS itself to the site, offload from the trailer and follow its programming to mow the entire site, before loading itself back on the trailer and heading back to your yard. What it can't do with pre-programming, you'll be able to correct with real time wireless controls. Site inspection . . . Get a drone. Instead of walking or driving around the site to check on progress, fly your drone over the site. You can drop it down to within inches of an object if close inspection is needed, or you can hover at a distance for an overall progress report. So are these technologies in place today? Almost. The automated automobiles will be here before the end of the decade, the preprogrammed equipment is coming close behind and, as we all know, the drones are already hovering overhead. So enjoy your summer, put in as much landscape as you can, but this off season you may want to visit a local and/or national trade show because with the minimum wage reaching $15/hour while robots are reaching new heights, technology is sure to have an ever increasing impact on the business of landscape . . . Find Us Online: @LandscapeComm @landscapeonline George Schmok Publisher / Editor-in-Chief Mike Dahl Editor Alli Rael Assistant Editor / Education Andrew Soto Assistant Editor / Associations Editorial Contributors Jim Gobright, J&M Concrete Contractors; Todd Kroger, Design Resource Group; Andrew Riegert, Natural Surroundings Inc.; Debbie Gliksman, Urban Oasis; Tyler Washburn, Outback Landscape; Kelly Karp, Landscape Design Services Inc.; Nathan Boliek, TDH Landscaping; Jorge Castellanos, Aztlan Outdoor Living; Ron Claassen, Craig Smith, BrightView Landscape Development; Mitch Kalamian, Solena Landscape; Stacie Callaghan, Gachina Landscape Management Associate Editors Erosion Russ Adsit, FASLA Horticulture Lori Pullman Ornamental Horticulture, Orange Coast College Irrigation Dennis Pittenger Area Environmental Horticulturist, University of California, Riverside Pesticides James A. Bethke Nursery and Floriculture Advisor, University of California Art Director Nicole Miller Senior Graphic Designer Dylan Brinkley Advertising/Marketing 714-979-LASN (5276) x113 • 714-979-3543 (Fax) Print Advertising Sales Matt Henderson Jason Seaberg Clint Phipps Landscape Communications, Inc. Executive Administration Amy Deane Office Administration Cynthia McCarthy IT & Graphic Design Technician Jerry Short Trade Show Manager Margot Boyer Trade Show Sales & Marketing Representative Nathan Schmok Director of Data Development Frank Vazquez Circulation / Fulfillment Ana Linares Kosol Chim Calvin Scott Contract Fulfillment Coordinator/Jr. Graphic Designer Ryan Moore Warehouse & Facilities Manager Javier Miranda Volume 20, No. 08 • Matthew 25:21 … His master replied, `Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master's happiness!' Landscape Contractor Design Build Maintain and/or the publisher is a member of or financially supports the following associations: American Planning Association • California Landscape Contractors Association • International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions • American Society of Landscape Architects • National Recreation and Parks Association • International Dark Sky Association• International Association of Lighting Designers • Irrigation Association• Association of Professional Landscape Designers • National Parks Conservation Association • Turf Producers International • National Trust for Historic Preservation • Illuminating Engineering Society • International Erosion Control Association• International Society of Arboriculture• Landscape Architecture Foundation• CLASS Fund • National Wildlife Federation• Sierra Club• Arbor Day Foundation • Smithsonian• The Nature Conservancy "Site inspection . . . Get a drone. Instead of walking or driving around the site to check on progress, fly your drone over the site." PUBLISHER'S LETTER The Automated Landscape of the Future George Schmok, Publisher LC DBM God Bless . . . PHOTO: CHESKY - STOCK.ADOBE.COM

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