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AUG 2017

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When a homeowner wants to distin- guish different outdoor living areas, a change in hardscapes can be the way to go. Mitch Kalamian from Solena Land - scape did just that for this home in Long Beach, Calif., using concrete bordered by artificial turf, pavers, and wood to define separate outdoor rooms. A Concrete Decision The majority of the yard, surrounding the new infinity edge pool, was leveled and paved with concrete slabs edged with strips of artificial turf. "You want to make sure, whether you're using real or artificial grass, that you prep the area, compact it and get it very level and very even all the way through," Kalamian advised. "Grass can undulate and become a tripping hazard." After leveling the area, the squares were framed and the area reinforced with a coated steel rebar. That way, if any movement or settlement occurs, the con - crete squares would move as one. "The rebar has to be coated so it doesn't rust," he explained. "If it rusts, it's going to pop through the concrete." Once the prepwork was complete, the concrete was poured into the frames. When it had hardened completely, the frames could be removed and the synthet - ic lawn areas prepared with compacted road base and sand. "With the artificial turf there isn't much maintenance," Kalamian said. "Once a year we brush it so that the blades stand straight up. Infill will have to be added every couple of years, depending on how much was initially put in." For households such as this one that have four-legged friends, use a deodoriz - ing sand with the artificial turf. This needs to be replenished every couple of years. Paving the Way For the porch and outdoor dining area, Kalamian elected to use a higher end material: pavers. As with the artificial turf strips, the pavers were installed on H A R D S C A P E Above In Long Beach, California, Solena Landscape, led by owner Mitch Kalamian, turned an outdated, overgrown landscape into the ultimate outdoor paradise. The spaces in the backyard are distinguished through the use of different hardscape elements, includ- ing concrete, pavers, and a wooden deck. W 42 LC DBM USING DIFFERENT MATERIALS IN ONE UNIFIED SPACE elements of by Alli Rael, LC/DBM

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