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AUG 2017

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18 LC DBM In a podcast on, Dr. Daniel Medina, senior engineer at LimnoTech, an en - vironmental engineering and science firm, ad- dresses the benefits and challenges of LID, low impact development strategies, which empha - size conservation and use of natural features to manage stormwater runoff and protect water quality. One revelation is that the strategies can amount to savings of up to 50 percent on drain - age costs due to having less water to manage, less landscape to rebuild, fewer linear feet of pipe and smaller retention facilities. After a six- month pilot program, during which more than 400 pounds of irrigation control - lers were collected for recycling, Blue Star Recyclers has expanded the program to all Ewing Irriga - tion & Landscape Supply locations to encourage contractors to help reduce the number of old controllers that end up in landfills. Blue Star recycles electronics and other materials, while creat - ing jobs for people with autism spectrum disorder or physical limitations, which not only provides these people with meaningful employment, it reduces their dependence on taxpayer funded benefits according to the company's CEO, Bill Morris. The program is also sponsored by Rachio. How Low Impact Development Can Save Builders Money Irrigation Controller Recycling Program Expanded September 15 is the deadline for applications for the Irrigation Foun- dation's E3 program, which grants students and industry instructors education and travel awards for the 2017 Irrigation Show and Education Conference in Orlando, Florida, Nov. 6 – 10. Each winner will partici - pate in education classes, industry sessions and networking events. For more program details and information about the application, visit http:// . Changes to the International Green Construction Code, which has been put into use by certain jurisdictions and also complements voluntary rating systems, affect the design and installation of irrigation systems as follows: • For most landscape areas, a maximum of one-third of the landscape can use potable water for irrigation (there are exclusions for schools, residen - tial common areas and public recreational facilities). • Potable water can be used temporarily for landscape establishment. • The water for golf courses and driving ranges shall only use municipally- reclaimed water or alternate on-site sources of water for irrigation. • Weather-based irrigation controllers are required to control irrigation. • No sprinklers on landscape areas less than 4 feet in any dimension. • On slopes greater than 25 percent, the maximum precipitation rate is 0.75 inches per hour. • Drip systems shall be equipped with pressure regulators, filters and flush assemblies, as well as an indicator to confirm operation by visual inspection. Other significant changes include the use of master valves, flow sensors, pressure regulation, check valves to prevent low-head drainage, and new requirements to post-scheduling infor - mation at the controller. For more information, contact Brent Mecham at 703-536-7080 or brent - . Deadline Approaching to Apply to E3 Program New Irrigation Requirements to the Green Building Code The EPA and Army Corps of Engineers recently released a proposal to re- peal the Clean Water Rule, also known as the Waters of the United States rule, or WOTUS, which would return it to its pre-2015 status, giving the federal government less say in defining what waterways they can control. Opponents to the updated rule argued that increased regulations would encumber operations and increase costs of certain businesses, including those in the water management, erosion control and pesticide application industries. To comment visit a.php?number=29485 or email . Less Jurisdiction Proposed for Federal Management of Waterways PHOTO: FILTERRA

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