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AUG 2017

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reviewed and mock-ups prepared. After extensive evaluation, the design team settled on simple broom-finished concrete pav - ing, albeit, with a slight twist on its installation so that it would appear more than just the standard type. J&M Concrete Contractors, the installers for the job, poured more than 137,000 square feet of concrete across the shopping center's three levels. Careful attention was given to each sepa - rate pour in terms of finish direction and texture consistency. The first floor covers 62,647 square feet and used 1,160 cubic yards of concrete. The concrete slab was 6" thick and reinforced with #3 rebar. The second and third floors had a 4" slab rein - forced with grids of electric welded wire mesh, or EWWM. In all, more than 2,000 cubic yards of concrete were poured. To get the desired finish for the job, a concrete broom was run over the surface of freshly poured concrete after troweling. The concrete should either be brushed perpendicular to the slope or towards the drain, if there is one. Broom finished concrete must be cured with polyethylene, a curing agent, or cure & seal for decorative concrete. The broom finishing at The Source had to be carefully timed due to significant sun/shadow conditions throughout the day. To minimize slab cracking, sawcut contraction joints were pro - vided in a 5' square grid. Joints were only caulked on vertical ele- ments such as walls, columns and steps. Additionally, the joints were made 3/16" wide instead of the standard 1/8" wide to ac - centuate their appearance. An admixture was used to minimize slab shrinkage and related cracking as well. Some of the paving modules were stained white and dark gray at random throughout the project to create interest and comple - ment the adjacent storefronts. Once finished, the concrete had to be protected due to ongoing tenant improvements. The first pour was in May 2015 and the last pour was in Feb - ruary 2016. At any given time, 10-20 people were working on the installation. The result was a paving finish that was within the owner's budget, high in durability, slip resistant and good- looking. The project received an award from the Southern Cali - fornia chapter of the American Concrete Institute in recognition of decorative uses of concrete construction. LC DBM 16 LC DBM Top, Left & Above The Source has one flight of stairs, also made from poured concrete. To support the steps, steel was drilled into the sloping concrete sub-slab. Left Joints were made at 3/16" instead of the standard 1/8" to accentuate their appear- ance. To break up the large expanse of gray, some of the concrete squares were stained white or dark gray. Hardscapes continued from page 14

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