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APR 2017

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Right Sestak used a different approach for the patio and walkway around the pool. In- stead of going with traditional path lights, he installed 4" x 4" mini bollards. The bollards can be 2' or 3' tall. These fixtures feature Brilliance bi-pin 2-watt LED lamps rated at 105 lumens. "These lamps create crisp shadow patterns from the laser-cut bodies of the bollards," he said. "To get sufficient light on the surface area and a great pattern too, it is the best effect." April 2017 27 "My client was receptive and eager to learn about how color could be applied to landscape lighting," Sestak said. "In- troducing color in landscape lighting is relatively new, so using color appropri- ately is key." With a system like this, you can pro- gram the lighting to alter throughout the night. In this case, all the fixtures initial- ly emit light at 100 percent intensity, and the lights that illuminate the two groups of palm trees in the backyard change their colors, hues and saturation levels according to the color palette program that is running at the time. The colored lights turn off at 11 p.m., and the white lights dim to 20 percent intensity at midnight. Then the white lights turn off at daybreak. Sestak advises other contractors who want to introduce colored light into their bids to "Be creative. Look for opportu- nities to illuminate the special features such as sculptures, structures or speci- men trees. Just a touch of color can bring dramatic effects when planned well. The technology is already in the light." On this project, he felt that two groups of palm trees in the backyard were the perfect candidates for color because of their distinctive sculptural qualities and their location; providing reflection in the pool as viewed from the house.

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