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APR 2017

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Incandescant Ideas >> The allure of the nighttime sky is what motivates many people to leave cities and suburbs in search of places untouched by light pollution. Lighting is often at the top of the list for these transplants as they quickly realize living in remote and secluded locations necessitates proper lighting. To that end, the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) has some helpful advice for anyone installing lighting systems with the preservation of the nighttime sky in mind. • Only be on when needed • Only light the area that needs it • Be no brighter than necessary • Minimize blue light emissions • Be fully shielded pointing downward • Look for the IDA's seal of approval on lighting products For more information on IDA approved fixtures, visit 24 LC DBM sition them. They created the appropriate viewpoints accenting the vegetation and features of the landscape, without polluting the natural feel of the area with unnecessary light. "Lighting is a skill, something that I unfortunately have not yet mastered," said Wdowiak. "Although I understand the installation process of lighting fix - tures, this project would not have been a success without the manufacturer's lighting professionals." LC DBM Left This Max Spread Brass Path & Area Light by Volt Lighting is an IDA approved fixture ideal for use in applications intended to reduce light pollution. When overhead installation for lighting fixtures is not possible, using a fixture like this shielded path light will reduce light pollution by lighting only the intended area. This fixture is designed to direct light down- ward. For more information visit . Left The International Dark-Sky Association's (IDA) Fixture Seal of Approval program was designed to provide objective, third-party certification for lighting that minimizes glare, reduces light trespass and doesn't pollute the night sky. Fixtures with this seal were designed with the express purpose of reducing light pollution. Above Structural lighting for the garage sconces utilized LED lamps at 2,200 K. Having worked with the manufacturer in the past, the contractor relied heavily on the lighting team to make all of the final lighting decisions. Left The LED manufacturer was chosen be- cause of its large selection of beam angles and colors ranging from 15 through 120 degrees and 2,200K, 2,700 K, 3,000 K, and 5,700 K. Up lighting for the cacti was accomplished using two 7-watt MR-16 lamps with 30-degree beam angles. Silver green mercury vapor lenses were installed to make the cactus stand out.

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