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APR 2017

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April 2017 23 and prep work. The installation team worked on the project for over four weeks with a total of 10 men involved throughout the process. Foundation work, strategic boulder placement, and the creation of different textures, colors, and elevations were applied, changing the overall look and feel of the terrain. Trees and cacti were care - fully placed using a crane and heavy loader. Desert Foothills Landscape owns and operates private growing yards which produce a variety of veg - etation and unique cacti, covering a wide spectrum of interest. Desert Foothills grew all of the fully mature Saguaro cacti for this project. Illuminating The Nighttime Desertscape The remote location of the home posed more than logistical challenges. The home sits in an area that gets very dark after sun - set. The owners wanted to achieve a level of visibility that would provide ample safety without polluting the landscape with obtru - sive light. "The area gets pitch black at night, it is in the middle of nowhere, you can't even see your hand if you held it in front of your face," said Wdowiak. "To get this right, we had to call in people who know lamps, in this par - ticular case we called in a local manufacturer, Brilliance LED. They made all of the lamp se - lections and adjustments, zeroing in on the homeowner's request for a safe and welcom - ing nighttime landscape." Desert Foothills' installation technicians worked in tandem with the manufacturer's lighting professionals. Desert Foothills' team installed a variety of spotlights, downlights, well lights, path lights and uplights to serve as a starting point for the lighting team to work from. Working with a complete and professionally installed lighting system; the manufacturer's team decided what lamps to use and how to po - Right For this large native Saguaro cactus, the lighting team used 7-watt MR-16s in a 15-degree beam pattern. A combination green LED and 5,700 K lamp were mixed to achieve a dramatic glow. The smaller cacti utilized MR-8's, and 15-degree beam angles at 2,700 K capped with mercury vapor lenses. Above The homeowner wanted to reduce the use of typical path light fixtures wherever possible due to his past experiences with them changing position over time, leaning to one side or the other. Downlights on adjustable gimbals were used to double as path lights in areas where the homeowner specified.

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