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APR 2017

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TEAMING UP 22 LC DBM Above The owners of a remote Cave Creek, Ariz., home wanted to create a welcoming and safe nighttime des- ertscape without sacrificing the location's connection to nature. To achieve their goals, the homeowners hired two local companies, Brilliance LED and Desert Foothills Landscape. Both companies came together to create and define outdoor living spaces using precise fixture placements, the correct lamp wattages, and the right colors of light. Above Left This section was installed utilizing an LED low voltage dimmer and LED MR-11s at 2,200 K. The fixtures were installed on adjustable gimbals with 30-degree beam angles intended to serve dual purposes, highlight the stone pillars and provide pathway illumination. T The owners of a home located in Cave Creek, Ariz., decided they needed to shine a light on their home's nighttime desertscape. To get the job done they enlisted the help of Desert Foothills Landscape and Brilliance LED. The lighting team provided the lamps and technical knowhow for the lighting on this project and Des - ert Foothills Landscape out of Cave Creek, Ariz., installed the landscape including the plants and lighting fixtures. The Desert Foothills install team was faced with many challeng - es including very hard soil, limited and challenging access for heavy equipment, and the need for a com - plete drainage system. Assessing The Situation Before getting started on a project like this, Cole Wdowiak of Desert Foothills Landscape, lead contractor on the project, recommends taking the scope of the work involved into account before planning. The light - ing on this job, one of the most im- portant aspects of the project, was just one part of the overall work done to achieve the final look. "Access to the project's location was restricted due to small winding roads not designed for heavy equip - ment," said Wdowiak. "Getting the equipment, materials and the crew to the home's remote location pre - sented a much bigger challenge than we anticipated." Tackling The Job Head-On Desert Foothills' team had to completely prepare the site for in - stallation. There was nothing there when the build team arrived ex - cept a considerable amount of labor Landscape Contractor Relies on Manufacturer to Fine Tune Desertscape Lighting By Andrew Soto, LC/DBM Inset A gimbal is a mechanism on an axis that permits an object to be mounted in or on it. Lighting installed on gimbals allows the installer to freely tilt and direct light in any direction.

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