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AUG 2012

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LC Product Profile IMPACT ON YOUR BUSINESS For 25 years WestBlock Systems has set a standard for innovative, cost- effective earth retention and barrier wall systems. WestBlock Systems segmental retaining and fence wall products fill five separate market niches, covering most every need for dry stack concrete SRW and barrier wall products. 3TONE7ALL® )) IS A MULTIPURPOSE BLOCK SYSTEM USED IN CONSTRUCTING HARDSCAPE STRUCTURES OR RETAINING SOIL 3TONE7ALL® )) EASILY ASSEMBLES INTO COLUMNS FREESTANDING AND BENCH WALLS SITTING AREAS lRE PITS lRE PLACES ""1 S PLANTERS FOUNTAINS AND MORE 7HEN USED TO RETAIN SOIL 3TONE7ALL® )) CAN be built as a simple gravity structure or be combined with geogrid reinforcement for use in tall and rigorous applications. If you desire additional information about planning and building your project, please contact WestBlock Systems. · · 800-332-6489 Information Request # 448 LC Product Profile IMPACT ON YOUR BUSINESS: Wildwood ovens are the by-product of logic and innovative thinking. Our unique interlocking dome design represents years of careful research. Every aspect of fuel efficiency, firing consistency and durability has been incorporated into each wildwood oven. We can say quite confidently that there is no other oven design that can provide such an unparalleled performance. Our ovens heat up extremely fast, reaching 700 degrees F in an hour or less, and have very low wood consumption. Each oven is produced from engineered refractory concrete in pre-cast modular pieces. Our unique, two-piece hearth has the firebricks built right in for ease of installation, saving you the trouble of putting in the bricks yourself. Assembling our ovens is much easier than constructing your own hand built brick oven piece by piece, and the process takes only 30 minutes to dry-fit the oven pieces. Compare the price of Wildwood's line of pre-cast, wood fired ovens with the competition and you'll find that our products are much more affordable than many imported, Italian ovens. Our lower price doesn't mean less quality. · · 800-579-2797 Information Request # 435 56 LC DBM DBM DBM

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