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AUG 2012

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LC Product Profile IMPACT ON YOUR BUSINESS Stone Age Manufacturing produces a comprehensive line of modular masonry outdoor room components, allowing landscapers and hardscapers to offer complete outdoor living packages to their customers. Why not provide everything your customers want in their yard and outdoor room projects? Stone Age products allow you to offer masonry fireplaces, pizza ovens, kitchen islands, fire pits, and more, with higher quality and better performance than traditional construction methods or competing kit products, at significantly lower labor costs, while enhancing your reputation for delivering quality and value. Stone Age offers pre-engineered kits for 15 fireplace models, 22 kitchen island models and a wide range of fire pits and smokers, as well as accessory items to complete the project. Our fireplaces are synonymous with outstanding performance and are well-known for their heavy-duty, solid wall construction, using rebar reinforcement and the strongest refractory concrete mix in the industry. Our patented, Cabinet Component™ island system is stronger than scratch built, yet assembles faster than anything on the market. Each of our other products offers similar performance, strength and quality. Stone Age also produces a complete line of prebuilt outdoor room components, finished in natural stone or thin brick, and ready to deliver to your next project. · · 877-371-8861 Information Request # 370 LC Product Profile IMPACT ON YOUR BUSINESS In today's landscape industry, almost 30 years after the creation of Stabilized Decomposed Granite, new LEED standards for sustainability are proving that the idea is more relevant now than ever. 3TABILIZER® IS THE ORIGINAL NATURAL SOIL BINDER THAT CHANGED THE FACE OF THE LANDSCAPE INDUSTRY AS IT OPENED THE DOOR FOR NATURAL PATHWAY ALTERNATIVES TO asphalt and concrete, and created the product category Stabilized Decomposed Granite or Stabilized Crushed Stone. For centuries, natural materials such as decomposed granite and crushed stone were the paving materials of choice for some of history's greatest gardens and landscapes. Although these early green paving materials provided many benefits, new modern standards for use and ADA accessibility called for replacing these natural materials with concrete and asphalt. In the desert, pathway users, landscape architects and contractors began to notice that asphalt paths felt out of place winding between century old Saguaros, as the heat retained in the pavement made it difficult for people to enjoy the natural surroundings in warmer months. In the early 1980's, a NEW WAY TO USE NATURAL MATERIALS EMERGED FROM THE 3ONORAN $ESERT to protect timeless pathways by meeting modern standards for accessibility. · · 800-336-2468 Information Request # 405 54 LC DBM 3TABILIZER® BLENDED WITH DECOMPOSED GRANITE AND OTHER CRUSHED STONES HAS HELPED DBM DBM

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