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AUG 2012

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LC Product Profile IMPACT ON YOUR BUSINESS Introducing Zuri™ Premium Decking! So closely captures the beauty of wood, you may be tempted to polish it! New Zuri™ Premium Decking, created by Royal Building Products, is a revolutionary advancement in PVC technology and design that skillfully blends the aesthetic with the practical. No other engineered product comes close to Zuri Premium Decking for capturing the authentic colors and natural grain textures of five exotic timber varieties: Chestnut, Walnut, Pecan, Brasilla and Weathered Gray. Only Zuri Premium Decking combines the natural beauty of these exotic hardwoods with unsurpassed durability and exceptionally low maintenance to create a one-of-a-kind outdoor living environment for your customers' homes. Your customers will love new Zuri Premium Decking because it's moisture-resistant and backed by an extensive 25-year warranty against scratches, stains and the elements, plus it: s 7ON T ROT SPLIT CRACK WARP TWIST CUP BOX BLISTER mAKE PEEL OR DELAMINATE s )S TERMITE PROOF s 2ESISTS FADING AND REQUIRES NO PAINTING OR STAINING SO MAINTENANCE IS KEPT TO A MINIMUM s (AS A HIGHLY DEVELOPED lNISH ENGINEERED TO RETAIN ITS beauty and color. · 800-368-3117 Information Request # 434 LC Product Profile IMPACT ON YOUR BUSINESS At Southwest Greens, we design products that actively contribute to creating sustainable landscapes. With growing green standards in the construction industry, we understand the importance of adapting to the ever-changing environmental conditions. Southwest Greens synthetic turf products deliver cleaner air, increased energy and water efficiency, greener building, greener living, beautiful landscapes – all with far less maintenance than natural grass. Your customers deserve the best and Southwest Greens' incredible lineup of synthetic turf delivers the best from design concept, precise PRODUCT SELECTION HIGH QUALITY INSTALLATIONS AND TOTAL CUSTOMER satisfaction. /UR QUALITY PRODUCTS LAY THE GROUNDWORK FOR COMBATING environmental issues while also creating beautiful solutions for lush LAWNS PUTTING GREENS PARKS AND PLAYGROUNDS )N TURN OUR FRANCHISE offices provide systematic approaches for practices that can help conserve resources and reduce the overall impact on Mother Nature. 3OUTHWEST 'REENS )NTERNATIONAL IS A DIVISION OF 3HAW )NDUSTRIES A "ERKSHIRE (ATHAWAY COMPANY BRINGING RESOURCES FROM THE LARGEST mOORING CARPET AND TURF PRODUCER IN THE WORLD SINCE service and warranty our products. The only limit to our product is your imagination. Visit our website or call today to discuss what product offering is right for you. · 877-260-7888 Information Request # 412 52 LC DBM 7E DELIVER THE BEST INTERNATIONALLY NATIONALLY AND LOCALLY TO YOU 7E ALSO MANUFACTURE DESIGN SHIP INSTALL DBM DBM

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