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AUG 2012

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LC Product Profile IMPACT ON YOUR BUSINESS Setting the new standard for Joint Fillers! Mainbrick Paving Joint Filler is an eco-friendly product engineered to fill the joints in flagstone and paver surfaces with minimal labor and maximum results. Experience the Mainbrick Advantage. It is air and water permeable, comes in six natural colors with no artificial pigments, and resists cracking, fading, and weeds. Before Mainbrick, an installer had to choose between 'dry' and 'wet' installation. With 'dry' installation, the stone is set and sand is packed into the joints. Over time the sand erodes away and must be replenished to maintain the surface. With 'wet' installation, the joints are grouted with concrete resulting in a finished product that is more permanent, but it is also much more labor intensive, and concrete eventually turns brittle and cracks. Both require dry conditions for INSTALLATION -AINBRICK 0AVING *OINT &ILLER COMBINES THE DURABILITY OF @WET INSTALLATION WITH THE EASE OF @DRY INSTALLATION AND IT AVOIDS THE DISADVANTAGES OF BOTH )T CAN BE INSTALLED IN WET CONDITIONS AND BECAUSE IT S PRE MIXED INSTALLATION IS QUICK AND EASY 0OST INSTALLATION CLEANUP REQUIRES ONLY WATER AND a broom. · · 210-549-7263 Information Request # 422 LC Product Profile IMPACT ON YOUR BUSINESS The advanced front/forward exhaust technology in Maruyama's new H23-DR hedge trimmer prevents hedge browning caused from hot downward exhaust seen with other hedge trimmers. The lighter weight and adjustable rotating handle makes this double-sided hedge trimmer the perfect choice for the serious professional. The H23-DR's forward exhaust technology is an incredible step forward in hedge trimmer design. Maruyama's heavy-duty 22.5cc CER engine powers the H23-DR. This unit is approximately one pound lighter than comparable 22.5cc double-sided hedge trimmers, which is a major plus for the commercial user. The rugged, chrome, steel blades are precision ground and polished on all 3 cutting edges for cleaner cuts. The 5-angled position handle makes the H23-DR very easy to trim hard to reach areas. Maruyama is a trusted, dependable manufacturer founded on an unwavering commitment to produce durable, hardworking tools that are made to work for a living…. Since 1895. · 940-383-7400 Information Request # 421 August 2012 49 DBM DBM

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