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AUG 2012

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LC Product Profile IMPACT ON YOUR BUSINESS Porous Pave provides effective stormwater management with a flexible, highly porous surfacing made from recycled tires and aggregate. Tested by independent labs at 29% porosity and over 6300 gph permeability, Porous Pave has one of the highest water infiltration rates of any similar product ever offered. )DEAL FOR PATHWAYS SIDEWALKS DRIVEWAYS PATIOS GREEN ROOF WALKWAYS AND MANY OTHER APPLICATIONS 0OROUS 0AVE IS A TOUGH DURABLE AND mEXIBLE surfacing material. The high recycled rubber content allows the finished product to flex and move without ever cracking, an important feature especially IN FREEZE THAW CLIMATES 0OROUS 0AVE INSTALLS FASTER AND EASIER THAN BRICK PAVERS CONCRETE AND OTHERS SIMILAR MATERIALS ALLOWING INSTALLERS TO MAKE HIGHER PROlTS PER JOB 3INCE 0OROUS 0AVE IS A 0OUR IN PLACE MATERIAL IT EASILY INSTALLS AROUND CURVES AND IRREGULAR SHAPES 0OROUS 0AVE CAN BE WALKED ON WITHIN 6-8 hours and is fully cured in 24 hrs. thick in light traffic areas. A base of clean, crushed stone is required to allow drainage. Information Request # 428 LC Product Profile IMPACT ON YOUR BUSINESS FireCrystals® replace the burning of wood or use of fake logs in open vented, natural gas and propane gas fireplaces and fire pits. FireCrystals® last forever and they are heated by the natural gas or propane gas. They do not melt, degrade in quality or color, or emit any carbon toxins. 0OROUS 0AVE CAN BE INSTALLED AS A hOVER POURv ON TOP OF ASPHALT CONCRETE WOOD AND MANY OTHER MATERIALS OR APPLIED AT v THICK IN WALKING AREAS OR · · 888-448-3873 v 4HE HEAT THAT &IRE#RYSTALS® PRODUCES KEEPS YOU WARM AND COZY &IRE#RYSTALS® RENOVATES THE STYLE OF INDOOR AND OUTDOOR lREPLACES AND OUTDOOR lRE PIT with its brilliant colors that add luster and elegance to your indoor and outdoor environments. Our processing allows the glass to be handled safely and RELATIVELY FREE OF ALL SHARP EDGES &IRE#RYSTALS® IS DESIGNED TO BE USED IN A VENTED SOLID GAS BURNING lREPLACE EQUIPPED WITH A GAS OUTLET OR IN OUTDOOR fire pits with either propane or natural gas. &IRE#RYSTALS® CAN BE USED INDElNITELY THEY DO NOT CHANGE OVER TIME &IRE#RYSTALS® RELEASES HEAT FAR LONGER THAN WOOD OR A GAS LOG Gorgeous glass & great color selection! &IRE#RYSTALS® DO NOT RELEASE POLLUTANTS THAT ARE HARMFUL TO THE ENVIRONMENT &IRE#RYSTALS® CAN BE USED INDOORS IN lREPLACES OR OUTSIDE IN A lRE PIT · 866-875-6615 Information Request # 429 46 LC DBM DBM DBM

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