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AUG 2012

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LC Product Profile IMPACT ON YOUR BUSINESS We're built on efficiency. Stone Strong Systems' game-changing, industry revolutionizing Big Block Technology is the fastest, most-affordable way to build the strongest, highest-quality gravity retaining walls. Here's how we do it: We're versatile. We offer gravity walls that have topped 20 feet, and reinforced walls that have reached 50 feet. Our teams are small and fast, capable of placing up to 1,200 square feet of block a day. Tapered edge construction allows our blocks to be molded into any residential, commercial or industrial design. We use size for speed. Our blocks' sheer size allows us to lay up to 24 square feet at a time. Variable sizes allow our blocks to match most design styles and budgets. All in all, we craft quality fast, salvaging labor costs and meeting high demands. We engineer intelligently. We build our blocks to interlock securely, and to efficiently utilize stone infill for 100 percent efficient connection strength. Built-in drainage systems keep walls clean, saving lowering maintenance budgets for decades. And because our blocks stack nearly vertically — perfectly aligning units for consecutive courses — they maximize every inch of available land. We never compromise. Every order is hand-chiseled by artisans, ensuring exact product specification and realistic façade. Our concrete is AIR ENTRAINED 03) OR GREATER PROTECTING BLOCKS FROM THE FREEZE AND THAW CYCLE !ND UNLIKE OUR COMPETITION WE NEVER REUSE RETURNED concrete. We make strong impressions. Across the board, our product and process have been rigorously reviewed and approved by national experts and committees as a viable alternative to traditional retaining systems. · · 877-501-5652 Information Request # 451 August 2012 41 DBM

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