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AUG 2012

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LC Product Profile IMPACT ON YOUR BUSINESS Heavy Duty Aftermarket Parts for CAT / ASV / Terex Small Compact Loaders. Rebuild your undercarriage with upgraded parts that are made to last longer than factory parts and elmininate common known failures. Failures such as: Bearing Failures, Track Derailments, cracked rollers, etc. Patented "LARRY LUGS" BOLT-ON DRIVE LUGS – Don't throw away your track due to missing drive lugs. Larry Lugs are heavy duty lugs that bolt onto the track in place of rubber lugs that have broken, worn or delaminated off the track, extending the life of the track. These revolutionary lugs will outlive the track itself. Ten minutes to install in the field or shop without removing the track. Larry Lugs can replace all the original lugs on a track. When the life of the track is finished, remove the Larry Lugs and reinstalled on different tracks. REPLACEMENT/REBUILDABLE AXLE ASSEMBLIES – Axles are grease filled, not liquid oil. Can install factory rubber wheels or Bair's Alloy wheels. Axles are rebuildable. Idler axles have two double stack bearings for a total of four. Includes Bair's purgeable style seals. COMPACT TRACK LOADER PARTS "CTL'S" – Stop Track Derailments! Turn one and two flange idlers into Three Flange Idlers. Capture the track's cleats at all four sides. Spread the machine's weight, torque forces out and over the drive cleats. Fits CAT 279C/289C/297C/299C Compact Track Loaders SUPER HUB 2 BOLT-ON WHEEL UPGRADE KIT – Forget hub style wheel failures and upgrade to Bolt-On Alloy wheels. 100% larger axle than the factory axle and 43% larger bearings. Grease packed bearings and preload adjustable. No complex inner sleeves, bushings, spacers, seals or o-rings. Kit comes with all parts to replace two wheels, axle, hub and internal parts. Fits CAT 247/257 A&B, ASV/Terex 30/50/60 models. TRACK INSTALLATION KIT – New on the Market! Install Rubber Tracks Fast and Easy with Hydraulic Tools. · - Email · TOLL FREE 855-575-LUGS (5847) Information Request # 419 36 LC DBM DBM

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