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AUG 2012

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Above: Workers installed 360 feet of 6-inch felible drain pipe from the patio area to the side yard to carry the water to the creek bed. Over that distance, the pipe drops four feet, facilitating gravity feed. They also installed PVC above ground that connects to downspouts and feeds into the creek bed as well. Middle: Taking two days to complete, the contractor dug out the 75-foot long channel and added more than nine tons of boulders, channeling the water into a retention area. Bottom: It took four workers three days to complete the patio construction. Over all, the contractor used more than 10 yards of washed gravel, nine tons of boulders for dry creek bed, 12 tons of outcropping stone for the re- taining wall, 360 cubic feet of Draintile, 270 square feet of permeable pavers and several cubic yards of topsoil and mulch. LC Product List s 0INE (ALL %NGLISH %DGE Clay Pavers TO s granite chips s &LAGSTONE 3TEPPERS s /UTCROPPING 3TONE s s AND INCH 06# 0IPE s ,ANDSCAPE &ABRIC s 3HREDDED "ARK -ULCH s -USHROOM #OMPOST s AND gravel s 5NILOCK 0AVETECH EDGING s n 30 LC DBM INCH 'RANITE "OULDERS INCH $RAINTILE INCH 5NILOCK Featured Product INCH WASHED 0INE (ALL "RICK S English Edge pavers with beveled edges and spacer nibs are available in seven colors and two thick- nesses: 2 1/4-inch for pedestrian and light vehicular and 2 3/4-inch for heavy vehicular. These col- ors and thicknesses can also be made IN 3TORM0AVE PERMEABLE CLAY PAVERS 'ENUINE clay pavers are freeze/thaw durable, strong (1,200 psi), colorfast and have a life expectancy of more than 100 years. DBM

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