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AUG 2012

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Top, Left: Natural Path Landscaping installed more than 1,100 square feet of Cambridge Pavers, Aqua-Brick in Rudy/Onyx color, 470 standard 9x5x5-inch gray granite cobblestones for edging and an assortment of black, yellow, reddish granite cobblestones for the embedded, permeable flowerbed. For the walkway, workers installed natural cleft bluestone. Mission Park Flowering Driveway The pavement layer is six inches, and there is six inches of ¾-inch recycled concrete rock under that. Workers used a Lightning Strike power roller screed made by Lura Enterprises to screed the product and a cross roller to finish it. According to the contractor, scheduling represented the project's greatest challenge. The company had a very small window of opportunity to complete the installa- tion and prep the site for its grand opening, which was only a few days away. Being a showcase home, there was, according to Newman, "A whirlwind of activity at the project and (we) had upcoming events to be ready for." Using this material, the property owner and the various contrac- tors were only without access through the area for less than 24 hours (you can walk on the pavement 12 hours after placement). The pavement was covered with plas- tic during the 7-day curing time, but the contractors were free to use the driveway for access to the house during that time. The company worked with a number of other com- panies, including architectural firm KAA Design, ex- ecutive architect P2 Design, Jill Wolff Interior Design, and landscape architect MJN Design Studio. The house was designed to meet the strict require- ments of the Cal Green Code, AB 24, and Energy Star compliance. Natural Path Landscaping: Flowered Driveway This Natural Path Landscaping driveway project combined a 1,100 square-foot permeable courtyard adjacent to a 560 square-foot asphalt driveway (see page 25). The courtyard contains an 8-foot diameter, permeable 3-color cobblestone flower as a focal point. This flower was inspired by a motif from the architect H.H Richardson, who used this flower on a number of his buildings. The company extended the bluestone walkway curve across the driveway using granite cobblestones to form the courtyard. Granite curbing with a thermal top sup- ports the south side of the courtyard and provides the step-up onto the walkway in two locations. The drive- way curves were meant to give the illusion of flowing onto the property from the street. Overall, Natural Path Landscaping used more than eight cubic yards of ¼-to-⅜-inch crushed stone, 15 cu- bic yards of ½-inch stone and 45 cubic yards of 1.5-to- 2-inch stone material. Mission Park Top, Right: As part of the campus' overall sustainability program, True Nature Design installed more than 16,000 square feet of Hydro-Flo permeable pavers to replace aged, cracked concrete that was removed as part of a new 48-inch storm-drain line installation. Bottom, Right: According to True Nature Design, the main reason they chose Hydro-Flo pavers is the product's lack of rock joints, which makes them ideal for a pedestrian environment. August 2012 25

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