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AUG 2012

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Permeable Hawaii Permeable Hawaii Schwartz commented: "This hardscape solution gives a softer feel, blending more into the natural Hawai- ian environment, while still retaining the function of a paved surface. The overall temperature also feels cooler, as the plant material breaks up the heat of a monolithic concrete pour." In addition to the concrete and drip-line, the contractor used 15 4x8-foot sheets of masonite, eight 2x4-foot sheets, 200 18-inch form pins, and more than 1,500 square feet of wire mesh for concrete support. True Nature Design: Mission Park True Nature Design used Pacific Interlock Hydro- Flo pavers for the Library Plaza portion of the Infra- structure Renewal Project at the University of Califor- nia, Santa Barbara (see page 25). The site was very flat, and previously experienced major drainage and ponding problems after rain events. The contractor solved the problem by installing the Hydro-Flo pavers. "We like the pavers because they have been dem- onstrated to reduce up to 80 percent of total sus- pended solids in storm-water runoff, a key objec- tive as the plaza area drains to the campus lagoon, which currently has high sediment and nutrient is- sues." Due to the site geology and need to support emergency vehicles, this installation has an under- drain system discharging into a designed rain gar- den, then ultimately to the campus lagoon and the Pacific Ocean. Another key factor in deciding to use an interlocking paver system is the ability to remove and replace exist- ing paver units when accessing underground utilities, virtually eliminating future waste generation associated with routine utility maintenance and upgrade. Also, if settling occurs, the base can be re-compacted and the same pavers reinstalled, reducing or eliminat- ing the need for new inputs. According to the contractor, "During rain events, it is possible to see how clear and clean the storm water runoff from the project site is. It also trickles out for several days after larger rain events, mimicking a more natural hydrologic condition. The Library Plaza site is very flat, and previously ex- perienced major drainage and ponding problems after rain events. The flooding problem has disappeared af- ter the installation of the hydro-flow pavers, making the plaza both attractive and safe." Permeable Hawaii Top, Right: After the stones were formed, workers backfilled the gaps with sand. 300 linear feet of inline drip line was installed, on top of which was planted 120 square feet of 4-inch wide strips of slow-growing zoysia "el toro" grass. Bottom, Right: Overall, the project took three workers two weeks to complete. They used a Bobcat to excavate the subgrade. Using a concrete truck, the contractor poured four separate pours of seven cubic yards each for a total of 28 cubic yards of 6-inch thick concrete. August 2012 23

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