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MAY 2016

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Irrigation/Plant Materials & Accessories 158 LC DBM Irrigation / Rotors Irrigation / Valve Doublers Electrical Connectors Pipes & Fittings PVC Repair / Pipe Cutters Drip Tube Repair Tape The Toro Company See Ad on pages 151, 165 Information Request # 9105 Toro's T7 Series rotor is built to endure the requirements of municipal, sports and commercial settings. Designed and tested to ensure consistent performance, the T7 rotor features a 5' pop-up height, a top-of-rotor arc indicator. 877-345-8676 Dawn Industries, Inc. Information Request # 9325 The spring action KwikCut Combo Pak combines the precision and durability of the original. This multipurpose stainless steel cutter has a handcrafted leather carrying pouch and replacement blade. 800-321-7246 NewLite Specialty Products, LLC Information Request # 9384 Q-Wrap Drip Repair Tape fixes leaky or broken Tubing, Pipe, Fittings, Hoses & More! It's self- fusing properties bond to itself, and not the tubing; giving it a permanent water and air-tight seal without getting gummy or sticky. 916-668-0639 The Toro Company See Ad on pages 151, 165 Information Request # 9324 Designed to use the slip clutch to make arc adjustments the Toro® T5 RapidSet rotor can be set in seconds — NO TOOLS are required. With a five inch pop-up height, the T5 RapidSet rotor includes Airfoil™ Technology nozzles for no superior uniformity. 877-345-8676 Transitional Systems Mfg. See Ad on page 165 Information Request # 9138 ISOLATOR - Multi- Controller Protection. A reliable, easy to install way of protecting your system from false start times, blown fuses and even blown controllers caused by feedback, phasing and polarity problems! See more at our website. 530-751-2610 NewLite Specialty Products, LLC Information Request # 9385 The Q-Loc™ unique direct-burial, watertight design guarantees a secure connection, even while moving fixtures. The ability to group multiple connections, and its color help it hide in the landscape. 916-668-0639 See Ad on page 159 Information Request # 9126 Lasco Fittings, Inc. 800-776-2756 LASCO Fittings Inc. offers a quick and simple solution for your irrigation needs: Push Fittings for use with Schedule 40, Class 200 / SDR-21 or IPS Flex Pipe.

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